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RRC Polytech Partnership

If you know anyone who is looking for a career in the Architectural field, we highly recommend you point them towards the new revamped Architectural Technology course at RRC Polytech, link:

We have been working closely with the faculty and we feel that this new course direction is a more focused education experience catered to what the industry needs and is expecting from new graduates.

RRC Polytech is having an Open House for anyone wanting more information which takes place on Wednesday February 22nd, from 9am-2pm and 5pm-8pm.

We also have the opportunity to help out current students entering the field. If you or your employer need a bit of extra help this summer, RRC Polytech is looking for job placement in our industry for students to fill their co-op term. This is a 4 month paid term which gives the students a taste of what they can expect after graduation. See attached document for more information. They currently have 25 students from the Architectural Technology class who will be looking for a co-op term, and as of last week, only 5 drafting job opportunities are available in our field specifically. Any job opportunity we can give them would be an investment in the future of our field.


Nick Dupuis

ABTAM President

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